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What a summer !! No complaints about the weather this year, until you have a look at your hydro bill !

The busy fall season is upon us, and we are getting ready for our 45th birthday show on October 24th. The anniversary actually falls right on the day, as our first half hour show on CHWO was on Sunday evening, October 24th, 1965. The following week, the show was extended to an hour, and the rest, as they say, is history. I have so many memories that it is difficult recalling them all, so putting together the music for this programme will be challenging. Our show on October 17th will be an appetizer for the birthday show, as there is no way I can cram all the music I would like to play into two hours.

The most important part in the success of the show is the loyalty of the listener. Several generations have helped it grow in popularity, and with word of mouth being the best form of publicity, we’ve built up a listenership that is the envy of many in the broadcasting industry. They just find it hard to believe that a show like “A little Breath of Scotland” can consistently outdraw the competition in the Sunday afternoon time slot. The other interesting factor over the years is that the show has a wide appeal, not just to folks who are Scottish, or have a Scottish heritage. I am a firm believer that music is a universal language, and if the piece of music has a story to tell,or is pleasant to the ear, then no matter your background, you can enjoy the show.

So may I ask to mark October 24th on the calendar, and join me as we celebrate the 45th birthday of the show. Remember too that you can let your internet friends know that they can listen to the show at www.zoomerradio.ca

On another topic, the tour operator handling our Rhine/Danube river cruise next September had extended the early booking discount of $500/per person, but the deadline for making the deposit is October 9th. If you would like to join Denise and I on this fabulous cruise, you can get the details from Michelle Campbell, Vision 2000 travel group, at 1-866-648-4483. You can also find the detailed itinerary on our web site, www.denissnowdon.com, and look under the cruise link.

Enjoy fall, and stay healthy.


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