6:50 am Denis, Newsletter

I hope you survived winter, it certainly was a long one.

You may have heard that AM740 will have new owners as of April 30th., MZ Communications, owned by Mr.Moses Znaimer. Mr.Znaimer is a well known figure in Canadian broadcasting circles, having started City TV, Much Music and Bravo among other ventures. AM740 now joins Toronto’s classical 96.3 in the MZ family. While I am sure there will be changes made, I am happy to tell you that “ A Little Breath of Scotland” will continue to be on air each Sunday from 4-6p.m.

The spring ratings have just been released, and we continue to have outstanding ratings in the Sunday 4-6p.m. time slot. Thank you all for spreading the good word about the show!

With the opportunity to listen to the show on the internet, we have listeners all over the world, and if you know someone who may be interested in the show, and are out of our coverage area, they can listen to the show on the net at www.am740.ca. Send an e-mail to a friend and let them know, I’m sure they will thank you !! If you live in a hi-rise building and also experience problems, again the net is the best way to tune in.

We had a great group of old and new friends join Denise and I on our cruise to Hawaii in February. Our plans for next winter have just been completed, and you can get all the information if you look under the 2009 cruise link on the front page of the web site. I can tell you that more than 50% of our allocation has already been taken up by folks who were on the Hawaii cruise. Our photo album has been updated, so have a look at the Hawaii pictures. As you can tell, we always have a great time. If you haven’t signed up yet and are planning to come along, my advice is to contact JoAnne Patterson at Vision 2000 Travel and Cruises in Ancaster as soon as possible. Her toll free number is 1-866-648-4483.

If you make your deposit between April 17th and 23rd you can take advantage of a reduced deposit of only $275 per person.

Denise and I would love you to come with us on our 25th annual winter cruise, it’s a great way to escape at least some of old man winter.

Enjoy Spring and Summer, and thanks again for being a loyal listener to AM740 and A Little Breath of Scotland.


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