23rd March, 2008

8:49 am Show Notes


trk: were you there
perf: Moira Anderson
album: a star for sunday
label:emi mfp 50424

trk: rolling doon the brae
perf: Tommy Scott
cd: pipes and dixie band jo
label; scotdisc cditv 478

trk: a lassie lives by yonder burn
perf: John Mearns
cd; the best of John Mearns
label: ross records cdgr 210

trk; childhood memories
perf; Isla Grant
cd; childhood memories
label; cmr cmcd 1090

trk; reels
perf: Willie Hunter, Violet Tulloch
cd: the Willie Hunter sessions
label; greentrax cdtrax 144

trk: Jock Stewart
perf: on the wagon
cd; northern light
label: private www.on-the-wagon.com

trk: Mary of Argyll
perf: Peter Morrison
cd: twenty favourite songs
label; lismor lcom 6046

trk: band medley
perf: Michael Philip
cd: back on track
label: lochshore cdlbp 2031

trk: march of the Cameron men
perf: Watt Nicoll
album; Watt’s on
label;transatlantic xtra 1129

trk: across the hills of home
perf: Eric Bogle
cd: the Eric Bogle songbook vol 2
label; grentrac cdtrax 051

trk; Eiggman
perf; peatbog faeries
cd: mellowosity
label; greentrax cdtrax 124

trk: lassie wi the yellow coatie
perf: Enoch Kent
cd: I’m a rover
label: second avenue sas 2012

trk: sailing up the Clyde medley
perf: the box and the banjo band
cd: singalonga Scotland
label; lismor lcom 9017


trk: plooboy ladies
perf: Ecosse
cd: the auld alliance
label; private

trk: Hector the hero
perf: the Scots Guards
cd: spirit of the highlands
label; scotdisc cditv 720

trk: after all these years
perf; Foster and Allen
album: I will love you all of my life
label; quality qrsp 1021

trk: A think your great
perf: Peter Nardini
album: a think your great
label; kettle records kop 8

trk: highlanders jig
perf; the Oakville celtic fiddle club
cd; the shores of Oakville
label; private

trk: the holy city
perf: Kenneth McKellar
album: sacred songs
label; london sw99471

trk: white on the blue
perf: the Jacobites
cd; captivated
label; dunray drcd 1005

trk: Brigside
perf; Tom Roseburgh
cd: southern uplands suite
label: big sky bs 122

trk: Kishorn commandos
perf; Gaberlunzie
cd: wind and water, time and tide
label; elm cdelm 4134

trk: Rothesay Bay
perf: Andy Stewart
album: the Scottish soldier
label; capitol t 6072

trk: braes of Braenall
perf: Robert Lovie
cd: the auld meal mill silver jubilee
label; ross records cdgr 209

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