21 October, 2007

8:29 am Show Notes


trk: sae will we yet
perf: Brogue
cd: rhythm of the Celts
label: scotdisc cditv 744

trk: acoustic reels
perf: Ross Kennedy
cd: Scottish voice and acoustic guitar
label: greentrax cdtrax 317

trk: all in a summers day
perf: the Alexander Brothers
album: sincerely yours
label: lismor lidl 6016

trk: reels
perf: Aly Bain
cd: lonely bird
label; green linnet glcd 3105

trk: Scotland forever
perf: Sydney Devine
cd: green green grass of home
label: scotdisc cditv 530

trk: we are Scotland
perf: the cast
cd: Rob Roy
label: Warrack productions wprr 1

trk: Scottish soldier
perf: Andy Stewart
cd: best of Scotland vol 2
label: mfp 30391

trk: march, strathspey,reel
perf: Scottish Lion 78th Fraser Highlanders
cd: world pipe band championships 2007 vol 1
label: monarch cdmon 873

trk: Shetland lullaby
perf; Mary O’Hara
album: Mary O’Hara’s Scotland
label: emerald gem ges 1116

trk: the fly
perf: Foster and Allen
cd: forty shades of green
label; honest hon 3007

trk: waltz
perf: Jim McLeod
cd: simply the best Scottish country dance album
label; scotdisc cditv 723

trk: Lochnagar
perf: Elaine Andrews
cd: all the best from Scotland
lochshore cdlbp 2018

trk: guardian angel
perf: John McDermott
cd: love is a voyage
label: emi 21312


trk; marching through the heather
perf: Dennis Clancy
album: twa braw lads
label: beltona sbe 144

trk: Bannockburn
narrator: Brian Cooper
cass; the saga of Scotland
label; golden heritage gh 013

trk: the hen’s march
perf: Iron Horse
cd: thro’ water , earth and stone
label: lochshore cdldl 1206

trk: I’ll walk beside you
perf: kenneth McKellar
cd: the decca years
label; decca 466 415-2

trk: Earl of Dunmore
perf: Scottish Fiddle orchestra
cd: the silver jubilee
label: rel recd 552

trk: trilogy
perf: Lena Martell
album: golden hour of Scottish favourites vol 2
label: phonodisc gh 596

trk: Killiecrankie
perf: North Sea Gas
cd: Rosslyn
label; scotdisc cditv 763

trk: Jigs
perf: Bobby Brown and the Scottish Accent
cd: Celtic fire in the music
label; brownrigg brg 024

trk: hooked on granny
perf; the patter
cd; a little breath of Scotland
label: universal bx 1058

trk: the hiking song
perf: Tommy Scott
cd: hail. hail Caledonia
label; scotdisc cditv 597

trk: the gael
perf: massed bands
cd: the power of Scotland
label: rel recd545

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