02 September, 2007

9:46 am Show Notes


trk: song of home
perf: Helen McArthur
album: my ain folk
label:harmony hes 6017

trk: the ferry crossers
perf: Orwell ceilidh band
cd; the barn rocks
label; redbarn ocb02cd

trk: where eagles fly
perf; Moira Kerr
cd: Celtic soul
label: private

trk: McGinty
perf: Billy Connolly
album: live
label: transatlantic tra 258

trk: sands of Kuwait
perf: Gordon Pattullo
cd: hand made in Scotland
label: private gpcd001

trk: Scotland forever
perf: Sydney Devine
cd: green grass of home
label: scotdisc cditv 530

trk: if it wisny for the union
perf; Hamish Imlach
cd: STUC centenary album
label: greentrax cdtrax 5005

trk: Isle of Arran
perf: David Solley
album: Scottish holiday
label; lismor lilp 5045

trk: Beautiful Lake Ainslie
perf: Jerry Holland
cd; the fiddlesticks collection
label; green linnet glcd 1156

trk: the water is wide
perf: Allison Lupton
cd: my true love
label: private

trk: McElvis
perf: Dean Park
cd: hell to heaven
label; robert c.kelly rckcd20


trk: Mrs.Hamilton of Pitcaithland
perf: Hamish Moore
cd; stepping on the bridge
label: greentrax cdtrax 073

trk; prehistoric beginnings
perf; Brian Cooper
cass; the saga of Scotland
label; golden heritage gh 013

trk; Mickey
perf: Alastair McDonald
cd: bears, crows and centipedes
label; corban cbncd 021

trk: the Scottish working man
perf: Calum Kennedy
album: the Scottish working man
label: pye nspl 15020

trk: Charlie Armour’s Roysvale reel
perf: James Alexander
cd: the Speyside fiddler
label; ross records cdgr 201

trk: flower of Scotland
perf: Kenneth McKellar
cd; a little breath of Scotland
label; universal bx1058

trk: my Scotland
perf: Bill McCue
album: my Scotland
label: harmony hes 6013

trk; ceilidh house set
perf: Poor Angus
cd: Poor Angus
label: fogarty’s cove par5001d

trk: amazing grace
perf: Karen Mathieson
cd: Celtic women form Scotland
label; greentrax cdgmp8012

trk: hooked on granny
perf; various
cd; a little breath of Scotland
label: universal bx 1058

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