20 THE MAY, 2007

6:59 pm Show Notes


trk: let’s have a ceilidh
perf; Alastair Gillies
cd; a little breath of Scotland
label; universal bx 1058

trk; logan water
perf; Ossian
cd: the carrying stream
label; greentrax cdtrax 127

trk: peat fire flame
perf: Bill McCue
album: songs of Scotland
label: fiesta flps 1061

trk; the ballad of Charles Devonport
perf: John Munro
cd: plying my trade
label: greentax cdtrax 312

trk; the green hills
perf; pipes and drums of the Scottish division
album: tunes of glory
label; attic bll 128

trk: the overgate
perf: Chris Pritchard, Terry Taylor
cd: daft on Scottish songs
label: ross records cdgr 211

trk: back of Bennachie
perf: Brand sisters
album: songs pf Scotland
label: fiesta flps 1601

trk: king of the castle
perf; stairheid gossip
cd; stirrin’ it up
label: greentrax cdtrax 230

trk; dark island
perf; Moira Anderson
cd: 20 Scottish favourites
label: lismor lcom 9033

trk; pride of Erin
perf: Coila
cd: the complete ceilidh
label: rostal records rtrlcd 012

trk; faraway land
perf: Sally Logan
cd: daft on scottish music
label; ross records cdgr 211

trk: road and the miles to Dundee
perf; Syd Simpkins
cd: my land
label: private

trk: William Marshall tunes
perf: Highland connection
cd: gaining ground
label; greentrax cdtrax 087


trk: tiny bubbles
perf: Sydney Devine
cd: simply the best of Sydney Devine
label; scotdisc cditv 725

trk; going home
perf; Kirk james
cd: free men again
label: frielance hyb/fm 001

trk: lochs of the Tay
perf: the McCalmans
cd: high ground
label: greentrax cdtrax 138

trk: Scotland the brave
perf; combined band of the Scottish division
album: tunes of glory
label: attic bll 128

trk: lullaby for Donald Gorm of Sleat
perf: Anne Lorne Gillies
cd:oh my land
label: iona ircd 052

trk: changes in the town where I was born
perf: gaelheart
cd; big bahookie
label; private

trk: the isle
perf; Bobby Brown and the Scottish accent
cd: celtic fire in the music
label: brownrigg brg 024

trk” song of the clyde
perf: peter Mallan
album: songs of Scotland
label: fiesta flps 1601

trk: Lukey
perf: great big sea
cd; fire in the kitchen
label; bmg 63133

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