8 April, 2007

8:42 am Show Notes


trk: Johnny Sangster
perf: Drinkers Drouth
cd: a tribute
label; greentrax cdtrax 223

trk: absent
perf; Moira Anderson
album: a star for sunday
label: emi mfp 50424

trk: o voo da Pomba
perf: Milladoiro
cd: as fadas de estrano nome
label;green linnet glcd 3118

trk: both sides the Tweed
perf: Capercaillie
cd: music from contemporary Caledonia
label: smithsonian folkways sfw cd 40511

trk: wee golf ball
erf: Eddie Rose
cd; a rose amang the heather
label; red bard rbcd 1032

trk: gay gordons two step
perf: Glencraig S.D.B.
cd: are ye dancin?
label: grentrax cdtrax 303

trk: dream Angus/coorie doon
perf: Valerie Dunbar
cd: Valerie Dunbar’s Argyll
label: scotdisc cditv 596

trk: Loch Lomond hills
perf: Moira Kerr
cd: Loch Lomond Hills
label: mayker mayk 016

trk; where the Findhorn flows
perf: Ian Anderson
album: music frae moray
label; bluebell bbr 132

trk; misty islands of the highlands
perf: Caledonian Tenors
cd; Caledonian Tenors
label; lochshore cdloc 1106

trk: old maid in the garret
perf; John Alan Cameron
cd: get there by dawn
label: glencoe recrds grcd 001

trk; flashman close
perf: Tannahill Weavers
cd; music from contemporay Caledonia
label: smithsonian folkways sfw cd 40511


trk: hiking song
perf; Tommy Scott
cd: hail, hail Caledonia
label; scotdisc cditv 597

trk; half past nine, wachlin hame
perf: Jimmy Logan
album: Loganberry pie
label: ace of clubs acl 7725

trk; victory waltz
perf: Dick Black
cd: looking for a partner
label; igus cdkbp 520

trk: my love is like a red,red rose
perf: Kenneth McKellar
cd; a little breath of Scotland
label; universal bx1058

trk: David and Goliath
perf; George Duffus
album; standing room only
label;lismor lilp 5121

trk: reel
perf; Graham Geddes
cd; the best of Graham Geddes vol 2
label; ross records cdgr 206

trk; Lochnagar
perf: Kirk James
cd; free men again
label; frielance music hyb/fm 001

trk; flower of Scotland
perf; Ronnie Browne
cd: the Bruce
label;cromwell productions

trk; faraway isle
perf; Helen McArthur
album: my ain folk
label; cbs hes 6017

trk: wee magic stane
perf; Alastair McDonald
cd: heroes and legends of Scotland
label; corban cbncd 019

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