01 october, 2006

11:59 pm General, Show Notes

4-5 P.M.

trk: over the hill
perf: Orwell ceilidh band
cd: the barn rocks
label; red barn ocb02cd

trk: beautiful isle of somewhere
perf: Joe Gordon, Sally Logan
cd: the end of a perfect day
label: elm cdelm 4121

trk: Bruichladdich
perf: Robin Laing
cd: the water of life
label: greentrax cdtrax 148

trk: hills of Hoy
perf: Jennifer and Hazel Wrigley
cd: huldreland
label: greentracx cdtrax 148

trk: Donald, where’s your trousers
perf: Andy Stewart
cd: the greatest Scottish collection, cd4
label: hmv 35427

trk: Loch Lomond/Killiecrankie
perf; Lowland band of the Scottish division
cd: Flowers of the forest
label: scotdisc cditv 659

trk: dreaming of home
perf: Alexander Brothers
album: let’s have a ceilidh
label: pye ggl 0271

trk: old rugged cross
perf: Valerie Dunbar
cd; Valerie Dunbar’s Argyll
label; scotdisc cditv 596

trk: eel in the sink
perf: Allison Lupton
cd: my true love
label: private

trk: two sheeps and a bit of a cow
perf: Cameron McKichan, Archie MacTaggart
cd: himself and myself
label: shielburn shiel cd 014

trk: Braes of Balquidder
perf: Kenneth McKellar
cd: Today
label: lismor lcom 9011

trk: inertia reels
perf: Malinky
cd: the unseen hours
label: greentrax cdtrax 276

trk: Ailein Duinn
perf: Capercaillie
cd: to the moon
label; green linnet glcd 3117

trk: wee Kirkcudbright centipede
perf; Alastair Gillies
album: the whisky chorus
label: beltona sbe 1016

5-6 p.m.

trk: land o’ light
perf: Lowland band of the Scottish division
cd: flowers of the forest
label; scotdisc cditv 659

trk: lonely island
perf: the Rankin family
cd: the Rankin family
label: private rfcd 8901

trk: Lochnagar
perf: Syd Simpkins
cd: Lochnagar
label: private

trk: Waverly polka
perf: The Clydesiders
album: Clydesiders album
label;lismor lilp 5095

trk; 10,000 miles
perf: Angus Lyon
cd; long road
label: lochshore cdldl 1305

trk; the accordian started to play
perf: Isla Grant
cd: the beauty of my home
label: cmr cmcd 1095

trk; Empty glens
perf: Runrig
cd: proterra
label: ridge rr021

trk: daily routine
perf; Queens Own Highlanders
cd: the Piper’s day
label; lismor lcom 5238

trk: guise o’ tough
perf: Robert Lovie
cd: the best of Robert Lovie vol 1
label: ross records cdgr 193

trk; island of Tiree
perf: Moira Kerr
cd: Celtic soul
label: private

trk: Circassian circle
perf: Orwell ceilidh band
cd: the barn rocks
label: red barn ocb02cd

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