30 December, 2007

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trk: Ida’s christmas
perf; June Imray
album:the Torry quine again
label; rel 50

trk: proterra
perf; Runrig
cd; proterra
label; ridge rr 021

trk; hestiation waltz
perf; Dick Black
cd; let’s dance
label; igus cdkbp 507

trk: Johnny McRae
perf; Laura McGhee
cd: green eyes
label: private

trk: come by the hills
perf: Leigh Garden
cd: highland cathedral
label; scotdisc cditv 683

trk: Geneva Park
perf; Bobby Brown and the Scottish accent
cd: from Scotia’s shores were noo awa
label: tac 006

trk: the nurse
perf: Eddie Rose
cd: a Scottish night out
label: red barn rbcd 1030

trk: farewell to Fuinary
perf: Ross Kennedy, Archie McAllister
cd: Celtic soul
label: lochshore cdlds 7006

trk: hogmanay
perf; Steve Byrne
cd; songs from my home
label: greentrax cdtrax 275

trk: all through the ages
perf; John Cairns
cd; all through the ages
label: private www.bagpipesolutions.com

trk: absent friends
perf: the Alexander brothers
cd: a toast to absent friends
label: lismor lcom 6035

trk: cod liver oil and the orange juice
perf: Hamish Imlach
cd: a little breath of Scotland
abel: universal bx 1058


trk: Loch Lomond medley
perf; Tommy Scott’s classic strings of Scotland
cd: Scottish serenity
label; scotdisc cditv 684

trk; down in the glen
perf: Robert Wilson
cd: the very best of Robert Wilson
label: emi 35430

trk; the Ibrox disaster
perf: Matt McGinn
cd: the best of Matt McGinn volume 2
label: greentrax cdtrax 253

trk: I love a lassie medley
perf: Andy Stewart
album: Andy Stewart sings Harry Lauder
label: capitol st 6341

trk: Canadian three step
perf; the Occasionals
cd: down to the hall
label; greentrax cdtrax 289

trk: the earl of Moray
perf: Old Blind Dogs
cd; Celtic soul
label: lochshore cdlds 7006

trk; the wee cock sparra
perf; Duncan Macrae
album: a tribute to Duncan Macrae
label; scots disc sdl 007

trk: tiger rag
perf; the Clyde Valley Stompers
cd: the reunion sessions
label; scotdisc cditv 775

trk; my ain folk
perf: Moira Anderson
cd; 20 favourite Scottish songs
label; lismor lcom 9033

trk: eightsome reel
perf; Scottish Fiddle Orchestra
cd; sfo at the Royal Albert Hall
label: rel recd 504

trk: going home
perf: Kirk James
cd: free men again
label: frielance music hyb/fm 001

trk: hail Caledonia
perf; Kenneth McKellar
cd; the decca years
label; decca 466 415-2

trk: auld lang syne
perf: the box and the banjo band
cd; a little breath of scotland
label; universal bx 1058

23 December, 2007

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trk: christmas at home
perf: Rita McNeil
label: virgin rms 108

trk; old fashioned christmas
perf; Lena Martell
cd; songs from a womans heart
label: scotdisc cditv 724

trk; christmas time in Scotland
perf; Glen Daly
album: memories of the music halls
label; pye nspl 15079

trk: holly jolly christmas
perf; Peter Morrison
cd: a Scottish family christmas
label: scotdisc cditv 621

trk: sleigh ride
perf; concert band of Cobourg
cd; salute to the season
label; private

trk: Christ child lullaby
perf: Moira Anderson
album: Moira Anderson’s Scotland
label; london sw 99483

trk: what child is this
perf; Laura Papajohn
cd: Celtic harp for christmas
label; rel recd522

trk: away in a manger
perf; Fiona McKenzie
cd; a Gaelic christmas
label: greentrax cdtrax 320d

trk: welcome christmas morning
perf; Jim Johnstone
cd; a tribute to Jimmy Shand
label; rel recd 527

trk; little drummer boy
perf; Bill McCue
cd: count your blessings
label: scotdisc cditv 467

trk: twelve days of christmas
perf: Bill Barclay
label: gm gms 9041

trk: child in the manger
perf: Kirkintilloch Junior Choir
cd: the legendary Kirkintilloch Junior Choir
label; memoir cdmoir 589


trk: through the eyes of a child
perf; the Alexander Brothers
album: the Alexander Brothers collection
label: lismor lidl 6011

trk: little donkey
perf: Tommy Scott
cd: christmas singalong party
label; scotdisc cditv 679

trk; school nativity play
perf: Alastair McDonald
cd: oor ally
label; corban cdcbn 036

trk; dear santa
perf: Sydney Devine
cd: Scottish christmas celebration
label; scotdisc cditv 735

trk;, rise up shepherd
perf: Canadian Orpheus choir
cd: a merry little christmas
label; crescendo cres cd 9043

trk: the marvelous toy
perf: The Irish Rovers
album: on the shores of Americay
label; mca dl 75302

trk: narration
perf: Burgess Meredith
cd: the bells of Dublin
label: rca 60824

trk:Mary’s boy child
perf: Kenneth McKellar
album: the evergreen world of Kenneth McKellar
label: london spa 131

trk; jingle bell reggae
perf; Robert Mathieson,James Ross, Graham Roy
cd; a piping hot chrstmas
label: lismor lcom 5269

trk: now the bells ring
perf: Rita McNeil
label: virgin rms 108

trk: the day that Christ was born
perf: Isla Grant
cd: childhood memories
label; cmr cmcd 1090

trk: christmas dream
perf; the Tartan Lads
label:rel res 003

trk: world of a child
perf: Lena Martell
cd: inspirations
label: scotdisc cditv 647

trk: christmas memories
perf: John McDermott
cd: christmas memories
label: emi 827468

trk: christmas star
perf: Tommy Scott
cd; singalong christmas party
label; scotdisc cditv 679

trk: o holy night
perf: Nat King Cole

16 December, 2007

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trk: It’s a fine thing to sing
perf: Anne and Laura Brand
album: a sprig of white heather
label:phillips 6382 074

trk; Thyme
perf: Moira Kerr
cass: in Glen Nevis

trk; medley
perf: Battlefield band
cd; Time and tide
label; temple comd 2090

trk; Mary’s boy child
Perf: Sydney Devine, Glasgow Phoenix choir
cd; When I stop dreaming
label: scotdisc cditv 739

trk: Buchan plooman
perf; Joe Gordon
cd; the greatest Scottish collection CD1
label: hmv 35424

trk: wee McGregor highland patrol
perf; Scots Guards
cd; best of Scotland volume 3
label: mfp 30392

trk; 12 days of christmas
perf; Bill Barclay
label; gms 9041

trk; the fishing song
perf: Peter Mallan
cd: Scotland in song
label: lochshore cdloc 1088

trk: the voice of Scotland
perf: Colin Stuart
album: Colin Stuart toasts the legends of Scotland
label; pye nspl 15060

trk; grandfather clock
perf: Tommy Scott
cd; christmas singalong party
label: scotdisc cditv 679

trk; love song for Deborah Anne
perf: John Cairns
cd; all through the ages
label; scottish lion productions

trk: the proposal
perf; James Urquhart, Moira Anderson
album; a sprig of white heather
label; phillips 6382 074


trk; the dawning of the day
perf: North Sea Gas
cd: Glencoe massacre
label; scotdisc cditv 749

trk: silent night
perf: Fiona McKenzie
cd; a Gaelic Christmas
label: greentrax cdtrax 320D

trk: Bonnie Dundee
perf: Brogue
cd; rhythm of the Celts
label; scotdisc cditv 744

trk: brigside
perf: Stevie Lawrence
cd; the hidden gem
label: big sky bs 127

trk: Scotland I love you
perf: Terry Moore
cd: Scotland I love you
label: private

trk: Iona Christmas carol
perf: Glasgow Phoenix choir
cd; Scottish Christmas celebration
label: scotdisc cditv 735

trk; the noble gael
perf: Blair Douglas
cd; angels from the ashes
label; ridge rr 029

trk: my land
perf: Syd Simpkins
cd: my land
label: private

trk: wee Andy Webber’s Scottish medley
perf: Dean Park
cd: wee Andy Webber’s Scottish medley
label; rabdean records

trk; hail Caledonia
perf: Kenneth McKellar
cd: the decca years
label: decca 466-415

trk: strip the willow
perf: John Carmichael
cd: Carmichael’s ceilidh ball
label: elm cdelm 4158

9 December, 2007

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trk: the Mingulay boat song
perf: The McCalmans
cd: Scottish songs
label: ross records cdgr 092

trk: Hiawatha rag
perf: The Clyde Valley Stompers
cd; the reunion sessions
label: scotdisc cditv 775

trk: christmas in the trenches
perf: John McDermott
cd: Danny boy
label; emi cdm 54772

trk: hills of Bennachie
perf: the Alexander Brothers
album: recorded live at the Opera House, Blackpool
label: pye nspl 15022

trk: old fashioned Christmas
perf: Lena Martell
cd: songs from a woman’s heart
label: scotdisc cditv 724

trk: pride of Erin
perf: Coila
cd: the complete ceilidh
label: rostral records rtrlcd 012

trk: ye banks and braes
perf: Scottish National Chorus, BBC symphony Orchestra
album: great songs of Scotland
label:enigma records mid 5003

trk: military two step
perf: Dick Black
cd: aye on the road
label: lochshore cdkbp 513

trk: Loch Lomond
perf; Runrig
cd: once in a lifetime
label: chrysalis ccd 1695

trk: your the best friend
perf: Isla Grant
cd: the beauty of my home
label; cmr cmcd 1095

trk: Highland Cathedral
perf: Royal Highland Fusilers
cd: the fighting Scots
label: lismor lcom 5287

trk: silver bells
perf: Sydney Devine
cd: Scottish Christmas celebration
label: scotdisc cditv 735


trk: the pear tree
perf; The Lowland Folk Four
album:eh’ll tell the boaby
label: waverley wav 25017

trk; the highland clearances
narrator: Brian Cooper
cass; the saga of Scotland
label; golden heritage gh 013

trk: tammienorrie set
perf: Shooglenifty
cd: Scotland, the music and the song
label; greentrax cdtrax 8606

trk: cholesterol
perf: Adam McNaughtan
cd: last stand at Mount Florida
label: greentrax cdtrax 120

trk: one small star
perf: John MCDermott
cd: love is a voyage
label: emi 21312

trk: she was the belle of the ball
perf; Will Fyffe
cd: Will Fyffe
label: lismor lcom 5234

trk: Caledonia
perf; Caledonian Tenors
cd: the Caledonian Tenors
label; lochshore lcoc 1106

trk: Jim’s reels
perf: Gordon Pattullo
cd: sure as the sunrise
label: private

trk: Maggie
perf: Bill Torrance
album: reflections
label;igus klp 43

trk: the Glasgow underground
perf: Francie and Josie
cd: Francie and Josie
label; elm cdelm 4123

trk: sleep my baby sleep
perf; Fiona McKenzie
cd: a Gaelic Christmas
label; greentrax cdtrax 320 D

trk; the toast is music
perf; Peter Morrison
cd: a little breath of Scotland
label; universal bx 1058

02 December, 2007

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trk; my Scotland
perf: Lena Martell
cd: songs from a womans heart
label: scotdisc cditv 724

trk: Skye boat song
perf; Phil Coulter
cd: Scottish tranquility
label: music club mccd 071

trk; roamin in the gloamin
perf: Kenneth McKellar
cd; the bluebells of Scotland
label; eclipse 820 945 -2

trk: reel pea strae
perf; Dick Black
cd: aye on the road
label: igus cdkbp 513

trk: bunch of thyme
perf: Anne Lorne Gillies
cd: beloved Scotland
label: lochshore cdloc 1026

trk: the clearances
perf: Johnny Blue/Gaelheart
cd: the big bahookie

trk: north east jigs
perf; Alex Green
cd: whistle o’er the lave o’t
label; ross records cdgr 176

trk; christ child lullaby
perf; Fiona McKenzie
cd; a gaelic christmas
label; greentrax cdtrax 320d

trk: my bonnie
perf: Laura Smith
cd: fire in the kitchen
label; bmg 63133

trk: Arnish light set
perf: Tannahill Weavers
cd: Arnish light
label: green linnet glcd 1226

trk: Northern lights medley
perf: Alexander Brothers
cd: favourite party songs
label; scotdisc cditv 678

trk: Edinburgh rambler
perf: Ed Miller
cd: the Edinburgh rambler
label: wellfield cd 022


trk: dashing white sergeant
perf: John Carmichael
cd: Carmichael’s ceilidh ball
label: elm cdelm 4168

trk: Bonnie Prince Charlie
narrator: Geraldine McEwan
cass: the saga of Scotland
label: golden heritage gh 013

trk: Hebridean medley
perf: Alasdair Gillies
cd: the Inverness ceilidh
label: scotdisc cditv 772

trk: bonnie Naver Bay
perf: the Tartan Lads
cd: the essential collection
label: rel recd 496

trk: Pat’s air/wild rose on the mountain
perf: on the wagon
cd; Caledonia farewell
label: private

trk: hooked on granny
perf: the Patter
cd: a little breath of Scotland
label; universal bx 1058

trk: when the piper plays
perf: the Invercargill pipe band
cd: pipin’ hot
label: lochshore cdloc 1105

trk; the Earl of Errols reel
perf; Bert Shorthouse
cd; the magic of Scotland
label; rel recd 515

trk: Donald wheres your trousers medley
perf: Andy Stewart
cd: 100 all time Scottish favourites
label: emerald gescd 1254

trk; the pride of Bonnie Scotland
perf; Tommy Scott
cd: a drop o’ Scotch
label; scotdisc cditv 505

trk; Shetland reels
perf: Kinlochard ceilidh band
cd: the ceilidh collection
label: scotdisc cditv 601