18 November, 2007

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trk: Balgeddie reel
perf: Bobby Brown and the Scottish Accent
cd; Grandfather mountain gala
label: brownrigg brg022 CD

trk: bonnie Earl o’ Moray
perf: BIll McCue
album: a song for Scotland
label: fiesta flps 1601

trk; sailing
perf: Tommy Scott
cd; pipes and tranquility
label; scotdisc cditv 707

trk: fidgety feet
perf: Clyde Valley Stompers
cd: the reunion sessions
label: scotdisc cditv 775

trk; wild mountain thyme
perf: Kelli Trottier
cd; daddy’s little girl
label; private

trk: my ain folk
perf: George Cormack, Irene Sharpe
album: dreamalong
label: beltona sbe 168

trk: ceilidh house set
perf: Poor Angus
cd: Poor Angus
label; fogarty’s cove music par 5001d

trk: Highland Harry
perf: Moira Kerr
cd: time and tide
label; mayker cdmayk 14

trk: bonnie Banchory
perf: Andy Stewart
album: here’s tae you
label; columbia scx 6451

trk; Elizabeths waltz
perf: Perth Strathspey and Reel Society
cd: the tradition continues
label: inchgael ig 010cd

trk: a toast to the lassies
perf: the Alexander Brothers
cd: Scotland we love you
label; scotdisc cditv 711

trk; dowie dens of Yarrow
perf Brogue
cd: rhythm of the Celts
label; scotdisc c ditv 744

trk: morning has broken
perf: Fiona McKenzie
cd; a gaelic christmas
label; greentrax cdtrax 320D


trk: cascade
perf: 78th Fraser Highlanders pipe band
cd: cascade
label; maddog mdpcd 103

trk: Union of the crowns
narrator; Brian Cooper
cass; the saga of Scotland
label: golden heritage gh 013

trk: Virginia Reel
perf: Glencraig scottish dance band
cd: the reel party
label: greentrax cdtrax 315

trk: by the shores of Loch Ness
perf: Duncan Macrae
album: a musical tour of Scotland
label: dominion lp 1308

trk: Isle of Eigg
perf: Donald McGeoch
cd: doon yonder den
label: private

trk: Tobermory
perf; on the wagon
cd: Caledonia farewell
label; private

trk: the river Cree
perf: Simon Howie
cd; the dark island
label; shielburn associates shielcd 022

trk: misty islands of the highlands
perf: Valerie Dunbar
cd: journey through Scotland
label; elm cdelm 4130

trk: free men again
perf: Kirk James
cd: free men again
label: frielance hyb/fm 001