29 July, 2007

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trk: Campbeltown song
perf; Follow that Camel

trk: Kelty clippie
perf: John Watt and Davey Stewart
album: shores of the Forth
label:springthyme records spr 1002

trk: blithe and cheerie, Ashokan farewell
perf: Bobby Brown and the Scottish Accent
cd: from Scotia’s shores were noo awa
label; tac 006

trk: the bricklayer song
perf: The Corries
cd; the compact collection
label; lismor lcom 9006

trk: waly, waly
perf: Rhona MaKay
cd: music of the harp
label: lismor lcom 5130

trk: flashmarker close
perf; The Tannahill Weavers
cd: music from contemporary Caledonia
label; smithsonian folkways sfw cd 40511

trk; man from Glencoe
perf: Johnny Blue
cd: gaelheart: ig bahookie
label: jgb 007

trk: the midges
perf: Kenneth McKellar
cd: a Scottish journey
label: lismor lcom 6037

trk: reels
perf: Perth Strathspey and reel society
cd: on stage
label; inchgael ig009cd

trk; the music teacher
perf: Billy Connolly
album: words and music
label: transatlantic tra sam 32

trk; Stornoway
perf: Alexander Morrison
cd” Alexander Morrison’s Scotland
label: lochshore cdloc 1061


trk: march, strathspey, reel
perf: House of Edgar Shotts & Dykehead
cd: 2006 world pipe band championships vol 1
label; monarch cdmon 869

trk: language of the gael
perf: catherine Anne McPhee
cd: music from contemporary Caledonia
label: smithsonian folkways sfw cd 40511

trk: interia reels
perf: Malinky
cd: the unseen hours
label: greentrax cdtrax 276

trk: wee hoose mang the heather
perf; Harry Lauder
cd: Sir Harry Lauder
label: lismor lcom 5232

trk: people upstairs, coulers candy, daddy what if
perf; Hamish Imlach
album: murdered ballads
label: transatlantic xtra 1131

trk: Maggie
perf: Sydney Devine
cd; a little breath of scotland
label: universal bx1058

trk: the auld resting chair
perf: Gordon Pattullo
cd: sure as the sunrise
label; private gpcd 002

trk: lassie o’ mine
perf: Dennis Clancy
album: a hundred thousand welcomes
label: dominion lp 1285

trk: my streets of Scotland
perf: Diane Fields
cd; my streets of Scotland
label: private

trk; when big Roy sang on Annie McGregor’s jukebox
perf; the big elastic band
cd: when big Roy sang on Annie McGregor’s jukebox
label: lismor lcom 5254

trk; strip the willow
perf; ian Thomson
cd: set two
label; shielburn associates shielcd 012

22 July, 2007

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4-5 p.m.

trk: the Montgomeries rant
perf: Ron Kerr
cd; Ron Kerr plays the St. Andrews ball
label: shielburn assoc shielcd007

trk: wee golf ball
perf: Eddie Rose
cd;a rose among the heather
label: red barn rbcd 1032

trk: daddy’s little girl
perf: Kelli Trottier
cd; daddy’s little girl
label; private

trk: bonnie Oban Bay
perf: Alasdair Gillies
album: songs of the glen
label; bluebell bbrlp 137

trk: Brigside
perf; Stevie Lawrence
cd: the hidden gem
label: big sky bs 127

trk: breakfast in your bed on sunday morning
perf: Harry Luder
cd: Sir Harry Lauder
label: lismor lcom 5232

trk: Tibbie Dunbar/rantin dog
perf; Gill Bowman
cd: toasting the lassies
label: greentrax cdtrax 085

trk: march, strathspey, reel
perf: Simon Fraser Pipe Band
cd: world pipe band championships 2006, volume 1
label; monarch cdmon 869

trk: this honest land
perf: Davie Paton
cd: fragments
label; lochshore cdldl 1257

trk; A think your great
perf: Peter Nardini
album: a think your great
label: kettle records kop 8

trk; 500 miles
perf: Proclaimers
cd: the greatest Scottish collection cd3
label: hmv 35426

trk: Duncan Johnstone
perf: Bobby Coghill
cd: Bobby Coghill memories vol 3
label: ross records cdgr 200


trk; the furrows end
perf: Gordon Pattullo
cd; hand made in Scotland
label; private

trk: Harlaw
perf: Alastair McDonald
cd: velvet and steel
label: greentrax cdtrax 078

trk: beautiful Vale of the Leven
perf: Robert McKechnie
album; sailing up the clyde
label: talisman/emi stal 5016

trk: lass of Leven Vale
perf: Dennis Clancy
album: shamrock and heather
label; emerald gem ges 1014

trk: boys of the lake
perf: Natalie McMaster
cd: the best of Scottish music vol 2
label; greentrax cdtrax 215

trk: Eriskay love lilt
perf; Valerie Dunbar
cd: scarlet ribbons
label; igus cdklp 69

trk: Killiecrankie
perf: Alex Beaton
cd: 20 hits of scotland
label: lismor lcom 9031

trk: medley
perf; Craig McCallum
cd: Scotland now
label; greentrax cdtrax 060

trk: heather bells will bloom again
perf Andy Stewart
album: Cambeltown Loch
label: capitol t6128

trk: granny’s heilan hame
perf; tartan lads
cd; a little breath of scotland
label; universal bx 1058

trk; Jeannie with the light brown hair
perf: Robert Wilson
cd: westering home
label; memoir classics cdmoir 443

trk; whistle and I’ll dance
perf; Anne Lorne Gillies
cd; beloved scotland
label; lochshore cdloc 1026

trk: Britannia two step
perf: the Occasionals
cd; down to the hall
label; greentrax cdtrax 289

15 July.2007

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trk: Jock the box
pewrf; Koda
cd: alternative frequency
label; shielburn associates shiel cd023

trk; swan lady
perf; Alexander Brothers
cd; Scotland we love you
label; scotdisc cditv 711

trk: proterra
perf; Runrig
cd: proterra
label; ridge records rr021

trk: Robbie Shepherd m.b.e.
perf: Gordon Pattullo
cd: hand made in Scotland
label: private gpcd001

trk: Durisdeer
perf: Mary Cameron
album: the pride of Bonnie Scotland
label; scotdisc itv 450

trk: ghosts of Culloden
perf: Kirk James
cd: free men again
label: frielance music hyb/fm 001

trk: march, strathspey, reel
perf; F/M Montgomery pipe band
cd; 2006 world pipe band championships volume 1
label; monarch cdmon 869

trk: Loch Lomond Hills
perf: Moira Kerr
cd: Loch Lomond Hills
label: mayker mayk 0016

trk: Lochnagar
perf: Kenneth McKellar
album: the tartan
label: london sw 99010

trk: Miss Rowan Davies
perf: Hom Bru
cd: rowin Foula Doon
label: lochshore cdcdl 1230

trk: Mingulay
perf: Carole Becker-Douglas
cd: Tioram to Mingulay
label: scotdisc cditv 686


trk: come in, come in
perf: Andy Stewart
cd; a little breath of Scotland
label: universal bx 1058

trk: Aidens
perf; Hugh Morrison
cd; under a Texas Skye
label; dun eistein depcd 03

trk: ring of bright water
perf: Anne and Lura Brand
album: the pride o’ the north
label:rca ints 1105

trk: leaving Nancy
perf: Eric Bogle
cd: the Eric Bogle songbook volume 2
label; greentrax cdtrax 051

trk: Celtic cajun
perf; Blair Douglas
cd: angels from the ashes
label: ridge records rr 029

trk; Mull of Kintyre
perf: Paul McCartney
cd: the best Scottish album in the world…ever
label: emi 44445

trk: Lass of Ballochmyle
perf: Bill McCue
album: the best of Robert Burns
label: beltona sbe 156

trk: He Mandu
perf: Bannal
cd: waulking songs
label: greentrax cdtrax 099

trk: Ian Green’s
perf: Gordon Duncan
cd; thunderstruck
label: greentrax cdtrax 241

trk: King Fareweel
perf: the Corries
cd: the compact collection
label; lismor lcom 9006

trk: son of the homeland
perf: Peter Morrison
cd: twenty favourite songs
label; lismor lcom 6046

8 July, 2007

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trk: Canada on the march
perf; Concert Band of Cobourg
cd: Canada on the march
label: private

trk: my wee laddie
perf: Jim McLeod
cd; welcome to Dunblane
label: scotdisc cditv 668

trk: Dumbarton’s drums
perf; Steam Jenny
cd” Dumbarton’s drums
label: lochshore cdlbp 2030

trk: Maries wedding
perf: Fred Moyes
cd: what you hear is what you get !
label; private

trk: dark island
perf: Moira Anderson
cd; 20 Scottish favourites
label: lismor lcom 9033

trk: Enniskillen Dragoons
perf; Robin Hall, Jimmie McGregor
album: by public demand
label:fontana fjl 502

trk: Fr.John McMillan of Barra
perf: Hugh Morrison
cd: under a Texas Skye
label: dun eistein depcd03

trk: gay gordons
perf: Jimmy Shand
trk: nobody’s child
perf: Alexander Brothers
cd: a little breath of Scotland (both)
label: universal bx 1058

trk: bonnie Strathyre
perf: the Tartan Lads
cd: the essential collection
label; rel recd 496

trk: the Gael
perf; Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
cd; parallel tracks
label; scotdisc cditv 694


trk: Tay boat song
perf: Peter Mallan
album: these are my mountains
label; waverley swav 25002

trk: McPhersons lament
perf: Old Blind Dogs
cd: close to the bone
label: lochshore cdldl 1209

trk: the pearl
perf: Aly Bain, Phil Cunningham
cd: the pearl
label: green linnet glcd 3107

trk; gallant Murray
perf: Andy M.Stewart
cd: Donegal rain
label; green linnet glcd 1183

trk: Scotland forever
perf: Fare Enuff
cd: snapshot
label; private

trk; chariots of fire
perf; Tommy Scott
cd: Tommy Scott’s pipes and strings of Scotland volume 3
label: scotdisc cditv 456

trk: the wee ferries
perf: Alastair McDonald
cd; old Scotia’s shores
label: corban cbncd 031

trk: wee gas mask
perf: Johnny Beattie
album: tribute to the kings of Scottish comedy
label; igus klp 67

trk: reels
perf: Gordon Pattullo
cd: sure as the sunrise
label; red barn gpcd002

trk: up the Noran Water
perf: Jim Reid
cd: yont the Tay
label:greentrax cdtrax 272

trk: down in the glen
perf: Robert Wilson
cd:the very best of Robert Wilson
label: emi 35430

trk: Annie’s song
perf: Lena Martell
cd: stand by me
lable; scotdisc cditv 741

trk; rolling home
perf; the McCalmans
cd: Scotland now
label: greentrax cdtrax 060

01 JULY, 2007

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trk: two lands
perf: Andy Stewart
album: the best of Andy Stewart
label: capitol dt 6287

trk; my hearts in the highlands
cd; timeframe
label; private bm3

trk: Canada my home
perf: Syd Simpkins
cd: Lochnagar
label: private

trk: jigs
perf: Bobby Brown and the Scottish accent
cd: any good dance, any good tune
label: brownrigg brg 020

trk:rise again
perf: the Rankins
cd: promo
label: emi

trk: you’ll never walk again
perf: Canadian Orpheus choir
cd: let your spirit soar
label; private

trk: medley
perf: Leahy
cd; fire in the kitchen
label: bmg 63133

trk: Caledonia
perf: Danielle Bourre, Royal Regiment of Canada
cd: sounds in scarlet
label: private

trk: shes called Nova Scotia
perf: the Alexander Brothers
album: my island too
label; lismor lidl 6023

trk: Scotland the brave
perf: 78th Fraser Highlanders
cd: a little breath of Scotland
label; universal bx 1058

trk: road to Dundee
perf: Donald McGeoch
cd: doon yonder den
label; private

trk: Tyne boatman
perf: Enoch Kent
cd; for the women
label; second avenue sas 2010

5-6 p.m.

trk; dainty feet
perf: Scantily Plaid
cd: just checking in
label; private

trk: working man
perf: Rita McNeil and the men of the deeps
cd: mining the soul
label: lupin luprock2000a

trk: my Cape Breton shore
perf: John Allan Cameron
cd: Glencoe station
label: private

trk: medley
perf Tony McManus
cd: purquoi Quebec
label; greentrax cdtrax 151

trk; ye banks and braes
perf: John McDermott
cd: old friends
label: emi 27467

trk; flying Scotsman
perf: Stan Hamilton
cd: Stan Hamilton and the flying Scotsmen
label: rca pcs 1041

trk: where Helen lies
perf: Peter McCutcheon
cd: land of my heart
label: toreador records trcd 026

trk: maple leaf forever
perf: 48th Highlanders of Canada, Royal Regiment of Canada
cd: fields of honour
label; private

trk; rolling hills of the border
perf; Bobby Watt
cd: c’est watt
label; snow goose songs sgs 1122

trk; far frae your hame
perf: Killiecrankie
cd: the haggis egg
label: private

trk; o lovely land of Canada
perf: Moira Anderson
cd: 20 Scottish favourites
label: lismor lcom 9033

trk; Lukey
perf; Great Big Sea
cd; fire in the kitchen
label; bmg 63133

trk: two lands
perf: Andy Stewart
album: the best of Andy Stewart
label:capitol dt 6287