17 june, 2007

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4-5 p.m.

trk: the rosebud of Allenvale
perf: Alasdair Fraser
cd; legacy of the Scottish fiddle, vol 1
label; culburnie cul 1180

trk: guiding light, evening star
perf; the Sangsters
cd: sharp and sweet
label: greentrax cdtrax 207

trk: the old man
perf; Hector Nicoll
label;gaelfonn smb 913

perf: Jim McLeod
cd: the greatest Scottish collection cd4
label: hmv 35427

trk: Loch Maree
perf: Moira Anderson
cd: a little breath of Scotland
label: universal bx 1058

trk: Parahandy
perf: Max Houliston
cd: the greatest Scottish collection cd 4
label: hmv 35427

trk: I’m in love with Scotland
perf: Anne Pack
cd: the bright lights of Ballinluig
label: red bran rbcd 1037

trk: I am the lion Wallace saw
perf; The McCalmans
cd: the music and the song of Edinburgh
label: greentrax cdtrax 090

trk: the strutting hornpipe
perf; St.Lawrence O’Toole pipe band
cd: the dawning of the day
label: monarch cdmon 863

trk: the pilot
perf: Scotland the what
cassette: towards 2000
label: private

trk: Brigside
perf; Tom Rosburgh
cd: southern uplands suite
label: big sky bs 122

5-6 p.m.

trk: my bonny
perf: Laura Smith
cd; my bonny
label: promotional

trk: bonnie Scotland I adore thee
perf: Glen Daly
cd: legends of Scotland
label: elm cdelm 4135

trk: sands of Kuwait
perf; 1st batt The Highlanders
cd: Scotland’s tartan top twenty the pipes and drums
label: lismor lcom 5279

trk: Skye boat song
perf; Peter Morrison
cd: twenty favourite songs
label; lismor lcom 6046

trk: the old man
perf: John McDermott
cd: old friends
label: emi e2 27467

trk: Colin L.O’Riordan
perf: Scottish Fiddle Orchestra
cd: serenity
label; rel recd 546

trk: Mary of Argyle
perf; Robert Wilson
cd: the voice of Scotland
label; memoir cd moir 442

trk: nice to be a grandad
perf; Andy Stewart
cd: Andy Stewart’s Scotland
label; scotdisc cditv 563

trk: jigs
perf: Gordon Pattullo
album: Scotland’s favourite
label: emerald ges 1204

trk; my love is like a red, red rose
perf: Kenneth McKellar
cd: the very best of Kenneth McKellar
label; spectrum 552-095-2

trk: the new crossroads
perf; St Lawrence O’Toole pipe band
cd: the dawning of the day
label: monarch cdmon 863