25 march, 2007

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4-5 p.m.

trk: sound the pibroch
perf: Donald McGeoch
cd; land of the western sky
label: private

trk: L’homme a deux femmes
perf: Ecosse
cd; the auld alliance
label; glenashdale music

trk; mal na mara
perf; Catherine Ann McPhee
cd: looking back
label: greentrax cdtrax 258

trk: best wee lassie
perf: Jack Radcliffe
album: white heather Scottish concert group
label;dominion lp 1202

trk: reels
perf: Riverside Ceilidh Band
cd: horses for courses
label: lismor lcom 9035

trk; Mallie Leigh
perf: North Sea Gas
cd: Schiehallion
label; scotdisc cditv 629

trk: Annie McKelvie
perf: Tom Laurie
cd: horses for courses
label: lismor lcom 9035

trk: slow/quick marches
perf: Royal Highland Fusiliers
album;the Royal Highland Fusiliers
label: london tw 91425

trk: partners in rhyme
perf; Isla Grant
cd: only yesterday
label: mcr igcd 1074

trk: Flodgarry
perf: The Corries
cd: the lads among the heather
label; private gbcd002

trk: I’ll walk beside you
perf: Kenneth McKellar
cd; the decca years
label; decca 466-415-2

trk; maggie
perf; Eddie Rose
cd: a rose amang the heather
label; red barn rbcd 1032

trk; Virginia reel
perf; the occassionals
cd” footnotes
label; iona ircd 021


trk; Gadie rins
perf; the McCalmans
cd; Scottish songs
label;ross records cdgr 092

trk; oor ain fireside
perf; Isobel Buchanan
cd” songs of Scotland
label; lismor lcom 6038

trk; Sauchiehall Street salsa
perf; the Battlefield Band
album; anthems for the common man
label; temple 015 tus

trk; in search of angels
perf; Runrig
cs; in search of angels
label; ridge rr010

trk: the laird of Cockpen
perf: the Glasgow Phoenix Choir
cd: highland cathedral
label; scotdisc cditv 634

trk; Fingals Cave
perf: various
cd; a highland journey in music
label; greentrax cdgmp8008

trk: Lauder medley
perf: Bill McCue
cd: Scotland’s royal highland show
label; scotdisc cditv 594

trk: childrens strret songs
perf: Barmulloch primary school, Glasgow
album; the streets of Glasgow
label; topic 12ts226

trk; sound of the north
perf: Dick Black
cd: by yon bonnie border burn
label; igus cdkbp 508

trk; hooked on granny
perf; the patter
cd; a little breath of Scotland
label; universal bx 1058

18 March, 2007

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4-5 p.m.

trk; son of the homeland
perf; Peter Morrison
cd: twenty favourite songs
label; lismor lcom 6046

trk: Johnny Docherty’s
perf: Joannie Madden
cd: a whistle on the wind
label; green linnet glcd 1142

trk: bottling songs
perf: Gordeanna McCulloch
album: the streets of Glasgow
label: topic 12ts226

trk; band o’ shearers
perf: The Clydesiders
cd: crossing the borders
label: rel recd 502

trk: Mairi’s wedding
perf: Fred Moyes
cd: what you hear is what you get
label: private

trk; the sodjers cairn
perf: Jim Reid
cd: yont the Tay
label; greentrax cdtrax 272

trk: haw maw, gie’s a piece
perf: Jimmy Neill
album: Jimmy Neill
label: dominion lp 1263

trk: always Argyll
perf: Gaelforce Orchestra
cd: a little breath of Scotland
label: universal bx 1058

trk: Tillietudlem Castle
perf: John Mearns
cd: the best of John Mearns
label; ross records cdgr 210

trk; after all these years
perf: Foster and Allan
album: I will love you all of my life
label; quality qrsp 1021

trk; Uist tramping song
perf: Kenneth McKellar
cd: the bluebells of Scotland
label: eclipse 820 945-2

trk; march,strathspey,reel
perf: Australia Highlanders
cd: the world pipe band championships 2006, volume 2
label; monarch cdmon 870

trk; when I leave the world behind
perf: Glen Daly
cd: legends of Scotland
label; elm cdelm 4135


trk: love is teasing
perf: Jean Redpath
album: ballad folk
label: bbc recrdings rec 293

trk: Frideray
perf: Dougie Pincock
cd: a celebration of Scottish music
label; temple comd 2003

trk: old sailor act
perf: Eddie Rose
cd: a rose amang the heather
label: red barn rbcd 1032

trk: liberty
perf: Kirk James
cd: free men again
label; frielance music hyb/fm 001

trk: a thousand miles from Judique
perf: Ecosse
cd: the auld alliance
label: glenashdale music

trk: Livingstone
perf: Alastair McDonald
cd: house of Macdonald
label: corban cbncd 027

trk: bonnie Glenshee
perf; real time
cd: home thoughts
label; big sky bs 124

trk: the Athol volunteers march
perf: Ron Gonnella
album: a tribute to Niel Gow
label: lismor lilp 5085

trk: by the lochside
perf; The Tartan Lads
cd: memories of Scotland
label; elm cdelm 4119

trk: two feet tall
perf: Matt McGinn
album: 5, 227,706 Scotsmen can’t be wrong !
label: transatlantic tra sam 22

Did you receive the last newsletter?

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Did you sign up to receive the newsletter updates from DenisSnowdon.com and still haven’t received any. Well there may be an issue with your spam settings in your email program.

We published a newsletter on March 17, 2007. If you didn’t get it please make sure that your email program allows email from webmaster@denissnowdon.com

But for now you can read the latest newsletter below.


Spring Newsletter

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Forgive me for the long delay since our last newsletter. Where does the time go to ?


The show continues to do well in the ratings, achieving the number 2 spot for listeners aged 35 + in Ontario, which means of course, the # 2 spot in Canada for listeners on Sundays between 4-6p.m.

Thank you so much for your continued support, and spreading the word about the show.

Now that AM740 is available worldwide on the internet at www.am740.ca, we now also have access to an even wider audience. I now get e-mails from a lot of listeners in the U.K. and elsewhere who now listen to the programme. So if you know someone who would enjoy the show, and they have a computer, please let them know, and they can tune in, just like you.

Our CD “A little breath of Scotland” is still available from select outlets, including the following:

– The Scottish Company, 1989 Leslie St., Toronto, On
– The White Heather Bakery, 209 Dundas St E., Whitby,On
– The Wee Tartan Shop, 221 Queen St., Port Perry,On
– The Scottish Loft, Queen St., Niagara on the Lake,On
– McLeod’s Scottish Shop, 80 Ontario St., Stratford ,On
– Scottish Imports of Hamilton, Queenston Rd, Hamilton,On


We had an extremely successful February cruise to the Caribbean, and everyone just loved the fact that it was a fourteen night cruise, and we also missed a huge snow storm !

We have no other group tour plans for this year, but we are in the final stages of completing the arrangements for next February’s cruise, and I can tell you that while the gentlemen always look terrific in the kilt, I am just dying to see the ladies wearing their grass skirts ! Three guesses where we will be off to, and I’m sure you will get it right first time !! We will send out the detailed information when
all has been finalized.


The photo album has been updated to include the February cruise, so have a look.

Our links section contains some useful aids to other sites, and if you want to find out about the music we play on the show, look under the show notes section of the web site, and you’ll get all the information you need regarding the music heard on the show. The record companies love to hear from you, so please use our links to contact them, if you have any questions, or if you would like to buy their

As far as other dates are concerned, I’m back at the Fergus Highland Games on August 10th to M.C. the tattoo for the 20th year. It’s been my pleasure to be involved in the tattoo since it’s inception. The Fergus weekend of August 10-12th is one of the highlights in the summer tourist calendar in Ontario.

Thanks for listening!

11 March, 2007

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trk; the sky is bluer in Scotland
perf: Alexander Morrison
cd:Alexander Morrison’s Scotland
label: lochshore cdloc 1061

trk; the Irish Rover
perf; The Irish Rovers
album: the first of the Irish Rovers
label: decca dl4835

trk: military two step
perf: Larry McKee and the Shandonairs
cd: dancin’ Irishman
label: quality rspd 258

trk: westering home
perf: Robert Wilson
cd: the very best of Robert Wilson
label: emi 35430

trk: Dundee toon
perf: Laura McGhee
cd: green eyes
label: private

trk: Tommy Peoples
perf: Altan
cd; the best of Altan
label; green linnet glcd 1177

trk: o a’ the airts
perf: Bill McCue
cd; a little breath of Scotland
label: universal bx 1058

trk: Scotland my homeland
perf: Eliza Gilkyson
cd: the power of Scotland
label; rel recd 545

trk: waltz
perf: Bobby Brown and the Scottish Accent
cd: for old tymes sake
label: brownrigg brg 019

trk: Barbara Allen
perf: North Cregg
cd: the roseland barndance
label; greentrax cdtrax 308

trk: home thoughts
perf: real time
cd: home thoughts
label: big sky bs 124

trk: Slievnamon
perf: Bill Garden orchestra
cd: singing strings in Ireland
label; scotdisc cditv 603

trk: when the clans come together
perf: Kirk James
cd: free men again
label: frielance music hyb/fm001

5-6 p.m.

trk: Carrickfergus
perf: Lena Martell
cd: songs from a womans heart
label; scotdisc cditv 724

trk: pipe medley
perf: F/M Montgomery pipe band
cd: 2006 world pipe band championships, volume 1
label: monarch cdmon 869

trk: Bonnie Dundee
perf: The Corries
cd: the greatest scottish collection cd1
label: hmv 35424

trk: Patsy Fagan
perf: Tommy Scott
cd: holiday in Ireland
label; scotdisc cditv 610

trk; the fly
perf: Foster and Allan
cd: forty shades of green
label: honest hon cd 3007

trk: the hidden gems
perf: Stevie Lawrence
cd: the hidden gems
label; big sky bs 127

trk: fields of gold
perf: Leigh Garden
cd:m tartan chillout album
label; scotdisc cditv 698

trk: Sarah’s song
perf: P/M Bill Hepburn Jnr
cd; echo’s in the glen
label; ross records cdgr 197

trk: when Irish eyes are smiling
perf: John McCormack
cd: 18 favourites vol 1
label: naxos 8.120504

trk: Mary of Dunloe
perf: Danny Doyle
album: expressions of Danny Doyle
label: capitol st 6326

trk: meet me on the landing
perf: the big elastic Band
cd: when big Roy sang on Annie McGregor’s jukebox
label; lismor lcom 5254

04 March, 2007

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4-5 p.m.

trk: faraway land
perf: Joe Gordon, Sally Logan
cd; the Gordon family
label; ross records cdgr 142

trk; bonnie Kyleswater
perf; Calum Kennedy
cd; legends of Scotland..Calum Kennedy
label; elm cdelm 4133

trk; polkas
perf; North Cregg
cd; the roseland barndance
label; greentrax cdtrax 308

trk: wee hoose mang the heather
perf: Kathy Kay
album; bonnie Scots lassie
label: emi mfp 1152

trk: Ticonderoga
perf; Isla St. Clair
cd; when the pipers play
label: rel rehc 202

trk; 6/8 marches
perf: pipes and drums of the Canada games 1987
album; a souvenir album
label; shire music

trk: land of the leal
perf: Jayne Sarah
cd: demo
label: act one studios

trk: sit at my table
perf: Mairie McInnes
cd: this feeling inside
label; greentrax cdtrax 092

trk; the Gallowhill reel
perf: Ian Hardie and Andy Thorburn
cd: the spiders web
label: greentrax cdtrax 152

trk; cowboy Jock from Skye
perf; Andy Stewart
album: the Scottish soldier
label; capitol t6072

trk: songs from home
perf: Tom Leadbeater
cd: songs from home
label: greyec tlbm 001

trk; brigside
perf: Stevie Lawrence
cd: the hidden gem
label: big sky bs 127


trk; Barra fishers song
perf: Peter Mallan
album; these are my mountains
label; waverley swav 25002

trk: free men again
perf: Kirk James
cd: free men again
label: haste ye back hyb/fm 001

trk: Gay Gordons
perf: JImmy Shand
cd: a little breath of scotland
label; universal bx 1058

trk: strong women rule with their tears
perf: Brian McNeill
cd: the back of the north wind
label; greentrax cdtrax 047

trk: take me back
perf: Alexander Brothers
album: Bonnie Scotland
label: phonodisc nspl 15012

trk; little grey home in the west
perf: Glen daly
cd; the legends of Scotland..Glen Daly
label; elm cdelm 4135

trk: a blast for the west
perf; RSAMD sudents
cd: no.1 Scottish
label; greentrax cdtrax 310

trk: Forth Bridge song
perf: Robin Laing
cd: walking in time
label; greentrax cdtrax 072

trk; stay young
perf; Real Time
cd: home thoughts
lable; big sky bs 124

trk: Eriskay love lilt
perf: Kenneth McKellar
cd; the decca years
label; decca 466 415-2

trk; pride of Bonnie Scotland
perf: Tommy Scott
cd: a drop o’ scotch
label; scotdisc cditv 505

trk; Orcadian strip the willow
perf: Glencraig S.D.B.
cd: are ye dancin ?
label; greentrax cdtrax 303