27 August, 2006

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trk: Mick’s knitted triplets
perf: Seelyhoo
cd: the first caul
label: greentrax cdtrax 102

trk: I will not return
perf: Donnie Munro
cd: heart of America
label: greentrax cdtrax 291

trk: Dundee toon
perf: Laura McGhee
cd: green eyes
label: J7 j7010

trk: theme for Scotland
perf: Skyedance
cd: Scotland the songs and the music
label; greentrax cdtrax 8606

trk: hooked on granny
perf: the Patter
cd; a little breath of Scotland
label: universal bx1058

trk: leaving Lismore
perf: Moira Anderson
album: a land for all seasons
label; lismor lidl 6022

trk: polka
perf: Bobby Coghill
cd: Bobby Coghill memories, vol 3
label: ross records cdgr 200

trk: the answer to everything
perf: Sydney Devine
album: the pride of bonnie Scotland
label: phonodisc phe 6006

trk: battle of the Somme
perf: Lonach pipe band
cd: flower of Scotland
label: ross records cdgr 204

trk: the song of the Clyde
perf: Kenneth McKellar
cd: the bluebells of Scotland
label: eclipse 820 945-2

trk: mistly islands of the highlands
perf: Caledonian tenors
cd: Caledonian tenors
label: lochshore cdloc 1106


trk: riddlers rant
perf: Nicol McLaren
cd; Craigievar dances
label; shielburn shielcd 001

trk; how great thou art
perf; Maureen Hart
cd: hey lord, it’s me
label: elm cdelm 4113

trk: the collier laddie
perf: Henri’s notions
cd: John o’ dreams
label: private

trk: Margarets march
perf: James Alexander
cd: the Speyside fiddler
label: ross records cdgr 201

trk: Spoot o’ Skerry
erf: Orwell ceilidh band
cd: dancing fingers
label: private ocb 01cd

trk: where eagles fly
perf: Moira Kerr
cd: Celtic soul
label: private

trk: calling you again to bonnie Scotland
perf; Don Gordon
album: calling you again to bonnie Scotland
label: cbs hes 6015

trk: St. Kilda wedding
perf: Ossian
cd: the best of Ossian
label: iona ircd 023

trk; the hills of the clyde
perf: Robert Wilson
cd: westering home
label: moidart cdmoir 443

trk: what colour is the wind
perf: Anne pack
cd: middle time
label: red barn rbcd 1031

trk; Lasso’ Fyvvie
perf: Tommy Scott
cd: a drop o’ Scotch
label: scotdisc cditv 505