16 July, 2006

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trk: Scotttish fantasy
perf: the Scots Guards
cd: spirit of the Highlands
label: scotdisc cditv 720

trk: Barbara Allan
perf: The Sangsters
cd; sharp and sweet
label; greentrax cdtrax 207

trk: hooked on granny
perf: the patter
cd: A little breath of Scotland
label; universal bx 1058

trk: dashing white sergeant
perf: Riverside ceilidh band
cd: first footing
label: lismor lcom 5241

trk: bonnie Kyleswater
perf: Calumn Kennedy
cd: legends of Scotland
label: elm cdelm 4133

trk: Lass of Ballochmyle
perf: the Gaelforce orchestra
cd: Scotland again
label: lismor lcom 5169

trk: Johnny McRae
perf: Laura McGhee
cd; green eyes
label: private

trk: when the pipers play
perf; Isla St. Clair
cd: the power of Scotland
label: rel recd 545

trk: Cumbia Celtica
perf: Salsa Celtica
cd: Scotland the music and the song
label: greentrax cdtrax 8606

trk: Lochnagar
perf: Kenneth McKellar
album: the tartan
label: london sw 99010

trk: Jimmy Shand’s on the wireless
perf: big elastic band
cd: when big Roy sang on Annie McGregors jukebox
label; lismor lcom 5254


trk; Scottish favourites
perf; Campbeltown Brass
cd: from the Mull of Kintyre
label: private

trk: Kelvingrove
perf: Peter Morrison
cd: twenty favourite songs
label: lismor lcom 6046

trk: Star of Rabbie Burns
perf: Andy Stewart
album: the Scottish soldier
label: capitol t6072

trk: dark island
perf: Caledon
cd: Caledon
label: rel recd 549

trk: the pumping bass set
perf: Fiddlers bid
cd: Scotland the music and the song
label; greentrax cdtrax 8606

trk: heart of America
perf: Donnie Munro
cd; the heart of America
label: greentrax cdtrax 291

trk: Eriskay love lilt
perf; Moira Anderson
cd: 20 Scottish favourites
label: lismor lcom 9013

trk; The Gael
perf: Massed pipes and choir
trk: Scotland my homeland
perf: Eliza Gylkyson
cd: the power of Scotland(both)
label; rel recd 545

trk: a wee Aberdonian
perf: Tommy Scott
cd: Tommy Scott’s Scotland
label: scotdisc cditv 630