February 27th, 2005

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4-5 p.m.

trk: Braes o’ Banald
perf: Tartan Lads
cd: two lands
label: lochshore cdloc 1051

trk: steal away
perf: Jim McLeod
cd: the nice and easy collection
label: scotdisc cditv 715

trk: March, strathspey and reel
perf: Bleary and district pipe band
cd: world pipe band championships 2004,vol 2.
label: monarch cdmon 860

trk: Lang road doon
perf: Malinky
cd: 3 ravens
label: greentrax cdtrax 233

trk: My love
perf: Francie and Josie
album: Francie and Josie
label: golden guinea gsgl 10471

trk: Coilsfield house
perf: Wendy Weatherby
cd: A breath on the cold glass
label: lochshore cdldl 1308

trk: Scotland I love you (Glasgow ballad version)
perf: Terry Moore
cd: Scotland I love you
label: Private

trk: Muckin’ o’ geordies byre
perf: Jimmy Mcbeath
cd: Scottish Tradition 20
label: greentrax cdtrax 9020

trk: Dan the Cobbler
perf: Jim Johnstone
cd: the sampler
label: temple records comd 2049

trk: highland paradise
perf: Andy Stewart
album: the best of Andy Stewart
label: emi dt 6287

trk: nymphs and shepherds
perf: Kirkintilloch Junior Choir
cd: The legendary Kirkintilloch Junior Choir
label: memoir cdmoir 589

trk: Land of my fathers
perf: North Wales Assoc. of male voice choirs
album: Snowdonia’s festival of song
label: London sw 99603

trk: Frideray
perf: Battlefield band and Alison Kinnaird
cd: The sampler
label: Temple records comd 2049


trk: Gaelic waltzes
perf: Ian McPhail
cd: From highlands and Islands
label: Sheilburn associates

Arrival of the Scots
perf: Andrew Cruickshank
cassette: The saga of Scotland
label: Golden heritage GH 013

trk: Highland Mary
perf: Glasgow Phoenix choir
cd: Iona Abbey
label: scotdisc cditv 709

trk: 6/8 selection
perf: 400 squadron pipes and drums
cd: On watch to strike
label: private

trk: Stepping down the glory road
perf: Runrig
cd: The greatest Scottish collection
label: hmv7243

trk: Far away from home
perf: Lena Martell
cd: My homeland
label: Scotdisc cditv 714

trk: Fantasy on Welsh airs
perf: Toronto Welsh male voice choir
cd: Toronto Welsh male voice choir
label: private

trk: Forth bridge song
perf: Robin Laing
cd: walking in time
label: greentrax cdtrax 072

trk: Green Oak tree
perf: Glen Daly
album: A hundred thousand welcomes
label: phonodisc nspl 15047

trk: toast to the lasses
perf: Alexander brothers
cd: Scotlan we love you
label: scotdisc cditv 711

trk: music of old and new Caledonia
perf: Scottish Fiddle Orchestra
cd: The northern lights
label: rel recd 487


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February 20, 2005

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trk: Ellenorr
perf: John Carmichael
cd: Ceilidh in the Park
label: Scotdisc cditv635

trk: Touch of the tartan
perf: Grant Fraser
album: Dear Scotland, my homeland
label: polydor 2447006

trk: John Anderson, my Jo
perf: Gilly Hewitt
cd: An honest lass
label: Smiddy smd607

trk: Jigs and hornpipes
perf: National youth P.B. of Scotland
cd: In concert
label: KRL monarch cdmon856

trk: Bonnie Scotland I adore thee
perf: Glen Daly
album: Live at the Ashfield club
label: Pye ggl 0434

trk: The Hero
perf: Mike Oldfield
cd: Voyageur
label: Warner Bros cd15896

trk: keep the fiddle playing
perf: Donald McGeoch
cd: land of the Western sky
label: private dmcd 11.11

trk: crookit bawbee
perf: Joe Gordon, Sally Logan
album: Crookit bawbee
label: Igus KLP 51

trk: reel of the 51st
perf: Ron Kerr S.D.B.
cd: St Andrew’s Ball
label: Shielburn assoc. shielcd007

trk: Prince of darkness
perf: Ed Miller
cd: Lowlander
label: Wellfield cd023

trk: Song of the sea
perf: Bill McCue
album: White heather for luck
label: Beltona sbe 146

trk: Wild mountain thyme
perf: Peter McCutcheon
cd: Land of my heart
label: toreadortrcd026-2


trk: Patchwork polka
perf: Jim Macrae
cd: Ceilidh in the Park
label: scotdisc cditv635

prehistoric beginnings
perf: Andrew Cruickshank/ Brian Cooper
cassette: the saga of Scotland
label: Golden Heritage GH 013

trk: shang a lang
perf: Bay city rollers
cd:The best Scottish album in the world-ever !
label: emi vtdcd 137

trk: Grand narrows bridge jig
perf: Sandy McIntyre
cd: Steeped in tradition
label: private smcd 9607

trk: When the clans come together
perf: Lena Martell
cd: My homeland
label: Scotdisc cditv 714

trk: rock you
perf: National youth P.B. of Scotland
cd: In concert
label: KRL monarch cdmon 856

trk: Mull of Kintyre
perf: Tommy Scott
cd: Scotland
label: Scotdisc cditv 630

trk: Bunessan
perf: Glagow Orpheous Choir
cd: Iona Abbey
label: Scotdisc cditv 709

trk: Erics theme
perf: Royal Scots dragoon guards
album: Legend
label: attic bll 160

trk: Wee deoch and doris
perf: Sir harry Lauder
cd: Sir Harry lauder
label: Lismor lcom 5232

trk: road to the isles
perf: Robert Wilson
cd: the very best of Robert Wilson
label: emi 7243 8 35430 2

trk: Holy Loch reels
perf: The Campbells
cd: Tartan chillout
label: Scotdisc cditv 698

February 13th, 2005

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4-5 p.m.

trk: Rise and follow love
perf: Kirkintilloch Junior Choir
cd: The legendary Kirkintilloch Junior Choir
label: Memoir cdmoir 589

trk: Elliot’s fancy
perf: Jim Johnstone band
cd: A tribute to Jimmy Shand mbe
label: REL recd 527

trk; Edinburgh
perf: Ian McCalman
cd: Ian McCalman singular
label: greentrax cdtrax 269

trk: I love a lassie
perf: Sir Harry Lauder
cd: Sir harry Lauder
label: lismor lcom 5232

trk: Moonshine
perf: Macumba
cd: Don’t hold your breath
label: greentrax cdtrax 113

trk: amazing grace/contentment/the lord ids my shepherd
perf: Elaine Andrews
cd: All the best from Scotland
label: lochshore cdlbp 2018

trk: My Midlothian
perf: Jimmy Fletcher
album: Jimmy Fletcher hits the bottle
label: emerald gem ges 1013

trk: Snow on the Ben
perf: Ian Hardie
cd: a breath of fresher airs
label: greentrax cdtrax 049

trk: Charlie is my darling
perf: Isobel Buchanan
cd: Songs of Scotland
label: lismor lcom 6038

trk: where sleepest thou
perf: Peter McCutcheon
cd: land of my heart
label toreador trcd026-2

trk: Miss Johnstone of Dumfries
perf: Bobby Brown and The Scottish Accent
cd: From Scotia’s shores we’re noo awa
label tacsound tac 006

trk: A think your great
perf: Peter Nardini
album: A think your great
label : kettle records kop 8

trk: My Scotland
perf: Lena Martell
cd: Sometimes when I’m dreaming
label: scotdisc cditv 542

trk: Hector and Bessie
perf: Alan Reid
cd: gentle giants
label: greentrax cdtrax 271

trk: march, strathspey and reel
perf: Clan Gregor Society pipe band
cd: World pipe band championships 2004/vol 2
label: monarch cdmon 860

trk: Mary Hamilton
perf: Isla St. Clair
cd: royal lovers and scandals
label: rel rehcd 532

trk: double rise set
perf: Wolfstone
cd: year of the dog
label: greentrax glcd 1145

trk: Glencoe
perf: Alastair McDonald
cd: Scotland in song
label: lochshore cdlbp 2013

trk: Hail Caledonia
perf: Kenneth McKellar
cd: the Decca years
label: decca 466-415-2

trk: anthem
perf: Barbara Gray/Wilbert Garvin
cd: Breath of fresh air
label: lochshore cdldl 1281

trk: my love is like a red,red rose
perf: Ronnie Browne
cd: Scottish love songs
cd: scotdisc cditv 602

trk: Maggie
perf: Andy Stewart
album: Scotch corner
label: emi srs 5159

trk: Lass of Ballochmyle
perf: Peter Mallan
cd: Scotland in song
label: lochshore cdloc 1088

trk: strip the willow
perf: Kinlochard ceilidh band
cd: strip the willow
label: scotdisc cditv 656

Web Site Updates: Tour Information.

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Two updates regarding tours:

1. You can listen to the commercial that Denis’ broadcast last Sunday for the upcoming Atlantic tour by visiting the “Atlantic Canada” section of the web page. Or click here to listen to the commercial directly.

2. Details are now availible on the ‘2005 Scotland Tour‘ in the Scotland section of the site.


February 6, 2005

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4-5 p.m.

trk: set of jigs
perf: An Teallach ceilidh band
cd: Catch the sun rise
label: LismorLCOM 5208

trk: seagulls fly
perf: Derek Moffat
cd: McCalman singular
label: greentrax CDTRAX269

trk: Geordie Munro
perf: Calumn Kennedy
album: Sailing up the Clyde
label: Beltona SBE1004

trk: Waly,Waly
perf; Charlene wallace
cd: Celtic Charms
label: Avalon solcd32

trk: Champion
perf: Billy Stewart
cd: Gentle giants
label: Greentrax cdtrax271

trk: Johnny Cope
perf: Coelbeg
cd: songs of the Jacobite rebellion
label: greentrax cdtrax 234

trk: Cathcart
perf: Scottish Power p.b.
cd: Cathcart
label: Greentrax cdtrax273

trk: Misty islands of the highlands
perf: Dennis Clancy
album: Twa braw lads
label: Dominion LP 1338

trk: Water of Tyne
perf: Peter McCutcheon
cd: Land of my heart
label:Toreador trcd026-2

trk: Green grow the rashes o
perf: Gaelforce orchestra
cd: from the highlands and the lowlands
label: lismor LCOM 9025

trk: Dumbarton’s drums
perf: Steam Jenny
cd: Dumbartons drums
label: KRL CDLBP2030

trk: Mormond Braes
perf: Aileen Carr
cd: The best of Scottish music vol 2
label: greentrax cdtrax 215


trk: Gay Gordons
perf: Ian McPhail SDB
cd: Celebrates in south America
label: Shielburn associates shielcd010

trk: oran chaluim sgaire
perf: Margaret Bennett
cd: In the sunny long ago
label: foot stomping records cdfsr 1708

trk: A gordon for me
perf: Kenneth McKellar
album: Scottish saturday night
label: London TW 91283

trk: set of reels
perf: Joannie Madden
cd: A whistle on the wind
label: green linnet glcd 1142

trk: Harlaw
perf: Alasdair McDonald
cd: Velvet and steel
label: greentrax cdtrax 078

trk: lament for Mary Queen of Scots
perf; Glasgow Orpheous Choir
cd: With voices rising
label: Lismor lcom 9024

trk: jig set
perf: Scottish Power p.b.
cd: Cathcart
label: greetrax cdtrax 273

trk: The Island
perf: Barra McNeills
cd: Until now
label: Celtic Aire 02-50731

trk: Tillietudlem Castle
perf: Alexander Brothers
album: Haste Ye Back
label: Pye GGL 0124

trk: Boys of the lake
perf: Natalie McMaster
cd: The best of Scottish music vol 2
label: greentrax cdtrax 215

trk: Thistle of Scotland
perf: Peter Morrison
cd: twenty favourite songs
label: Lismor lcom 6046

trk: Bunch of Thyme
perf: Anne Lorne Gillies
cd: Beloved Scotland
label: Lochshore CDLOC 1026

trk: Lass of Fyvvie
perf: Tommy Scott
cd: a drop of Scotch
label: Scotdisc cditv 505

January 30th, 2005

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Here is the track list from the Jan 30, 2005 Show:


trk : tell me ma
perf : North Sea Gas
cd: The Power of Scotland
label: Scotdisc CDITV 607

trk: 2/4 marches
perf: Bryce Johnstone
cd: Bryce and moothie combine
label: smith/mearns SMR094CD

trk: Arran
perf: Bobby Watt
cd: Caught by the Tale
label: holmspun music HMCD001

trk: Stornoway
perf: Alasdar Gillies
album: Scotland, my own land
label: Decca SBE 153

trk: RCAF march past
perf: 400 squadron pipes and drums
cd: On watch to strike
label: 400 squadron

trk; Mary Morrison
perf; Enoch Kent
cd: Love ,lust and loathing
label: second avenue SAS 2009

trk: Island of Tiree
perf: Kenneth Mckellar
cd: A Scottish journey part 2
label: Lismor LCOM 6044

trk Canadian barn dance
perf: Ian Thomson s.d.b.
cd: Set Two
label: Sheilburn SHIELCD 012

trk: Sundach
perf: Runrig
cd: Runrig plays gaelic
label: Lismor LCOM 9026

trk: Isle of Eigg
Perf: Don McGeoch
cd: Doon yonder Den
label: Slater music DMCD 22-22

trk: Sarah’s song
perf: Bill Hepburn Jnr
cd: Echo’s of the glen
label: Ross records CDGR 197

trk: Glasgow Lullaby
perf: Eric Bogle
cd: Eric Bogle songbook vol 2
label: Greentrax CDTRAX 051

5-6 p.m.

trk: Dear God
perf: Richard and Maureen
album: Richard and Maureen
label: Klub KMLP 304

trk: Scotland the brave
perf: Peter McCutcheon
cd; Land of my heart
label: toreador trcd0026-2

trk: My Cape Breton shore
perf: John Allan Cameron
cd: Glencoe station
label: 02 77657 50549 21

trk: 6/8 marches
perf: 400 squadron pipes and drums
cd: On watch to strike
label: 400 squadron

trk: Loch Tay boat song
perf: Corries
cd: Live from Scotland vol 1
label: Pan audio cdpa002

trk: my bonnie
perf; John McDermott
cd: When I grow to old to dream
label: EMI 7243 8 54637 23

trk: Lost dinner ticket
perf: The patter album
cd: The Patter album
label: Lismor LCOM6020

trk: Street songs
perf: Lowland folk four
album:Eh’ll tell the boaby
label: waverly wav 25017

trk: Come by the hills
perf: Tommy Darkey
cd: Best of Tommy Darkey,vol 2
label; Ross records, CDGR 196

trk: Always Argyll
perf: Valerie Dunbar
cd: The power of Scotland
label: REL RECD 545

trk: Where the pipers play
perf: Isla St Clair
cd: Where the pipers play
label: Highland classics REHC 202

trk: Pride of Bonnie Scotland:
perf: Sydney Devine
album: The Pride of Bonnie Scotland
label: Phonodisc PHE 6006

trk: Kenny McDonalds Jigs
perf: Capercaillie
cd: Delirium
label: Green Linnet GLCD3108